Exterior/Interior Restorations

A host of factors - weather, age, usage, and others - contribute to the decay of building exteriors and interiors.


D.C. Byers looks at building restoration with a critical eye, examining structures closely to identify the underlying causes of deterioration. Our experience includes the general restoration and repair of masonry and stone, as well as the more complex repair of ornate architectural details such as terra cotta, scagliola, and tile.


Churches, commercial buildings, governmental and municipal facilities, health care institutions and industrial plants are among the primary users of these services.

Gunite and Shotcrete

Restoration of structural concrete can also  include gunite/shotcrete, durable cement products that use a minimum of water and are pneumatically placed rather than poured.


Gunite/shotcrete can be an economical alternative to the more traditional forms of concrete restoration where there are large areas to be covered. Because it can be formed into natural-looking rock formations, gunite/shotcrete is also utilized in the construction of leisure and recreational facilities such as miniature golf courses, water slides, and zoos.

Chemical Resistive and Special Coatings

Stringent environmental controls and the need for structural durability have increased the demand for chemical resistive and other specialized coatings. Our technical staff is skilled in evaluating and selecting the right materials to meet the criteria specified by the client.


Specialized coatings are utilized in the construction and renovation of storage and drainage containers, adding to their ability to withstand high temperatures or corrosive elements. All finishes are applied in strict accordance with manufacturers' guidelines. At D.C. Byers, we also maintain our own high quality control standards to insure maximum durability and effectiveness.

Concrete Restorations

Concrete restoration includes the repair or replacement of spalled, cracked, or otherwise deteriorated concrete. D.C. Byers is known for its expertise in post-tensioned, reinforced concrete construction. This technique is primarily used, but not limited to, the initial construction or subsequent reconditioning of parking structures.


As with other forms of restoration, D.C. Byers looks first at the factors contributing to the deterioration of the concrete structure. A thorough understanding of the underlying problems leads to the most satisfying and cost-effective solution.

Industrial Flooring

D.C. Byers specializes in both new and renovated flooring. From heavy-duty, no-wear surfaces, FDA-approved flooring, to an all-purpose industrial floor, we can help find the right flooring for your company.


But, choosing the right materials for the job is only the beginning. The installation of the selected flooring is critical to the quality of the end product. The timing of an installation is often a critical issue whether the floor is going into a new or existing building. Our goal is to minimize the downtime of your operations.

Waterproofing and Deck Coating

Water intrusion contributes to more structural problems than any other natural element.  D.C. Byers is experienced in the design and installation of waterproofing systems for new and existing structures.


A variety of waterproofing methods are used on foundations, exterior walls, and plazas and decks to stop water from invading the structure and creating serious problems. Waterproofing generally involves the application of impregnable materials to the surface, with particular attention to joints and cracks.

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